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Long journey usually carried out by an animal at the end of a season. An insects second pair of jaws which are used to guide food into their mouths. Referring to oceans and waters with dissolved salts, mainly sodium chloride.

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  • Read interesting facts about the animals, look at animal pictures and find fun coloring pages to print and color.
  • Rhinoceros horn is a highly valuable ingredient of traditional eastern medicine, and because of this rhinos are targeted by local hunters.
  • As livestock, rabbits are bred for the fur and meat.
  • A group of insects that are offspring from one queen and live and work together in a nest.
  • Here is a complete list of all the 5 and 6 letter R words for kids to boost your child’s word skills.

The people all breathed a sigh of relief and were happy to have their prince back. Finally, someone stepped out of the crowd dog grooming dieppe revealed the prince high up on the castle wall. “It was just a prank,” he said, “The prince is not a prune. We played a magic trick on you.”

Animals That Start With Common Phonics Digraphs

Cockroaches drove her crazy and it made her feel worse about losing the ice cream cake. Kristina’s party had gone perfectly until her friend, Crystal, had forgot to put the ice cream cake in the freezer. It was her favorite ice cream cake – mint with cookie crust, topped with whip cream and cherries.

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Check Osmo for more activities, games and worksheets to aid in your kids learning. For example, show them images of a rabbit, rat, rodeo, ring etc to help kids understand the meaning of those words. Once they’re confident, you can put them to the test by making them play a matching game. You’ll need two sets of flashcards for this, one with R words for kids and the other with images corresponding to those words. Shuffle the cards and ask children to identify the images and match them to the right word.

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The colours, generally white with red dots, or zebra-like, of young people, are different. Sedentary as well as migrant populations include this. Rabbits are tiny animals of the order-Lagomorpha of the Leporidae family .

These small birds are known for being round and plump. Reticulated flatwoods salamanders will migrate from ponds and large puddles in order to breed. They are omnivores that will eat nearly anything they can find and then will wash themselves off after eating, like a true cat. Due to their attacks on fowl farms and loss of habitat, they’ve become nearly threatened. You can only find this unique wildcat in the moist forests of Sri Lanka and India.

Animals That Start With B

Hope you and your child loved reading these animal poems just as we enjoyed putting together this collection of some of the best poems on animals. Free DownloadToday, animals are in constant danger of extinction than they were in the past. Now, many species have joined the long list of extinct animals. Free DownloadWe can find animals in every corner of the globe and in places where food is abundant and shelters are plenty. Under the canopy of rain forests and jungles, both predators and prey thrive in an environment that provides well with the resources they need.

Finding 6 letter animals with letter R, from a single web page can be a difficult task. We have undertaken the difficult task and created the following list of over 20 6 letter animals with letter R. You can now select the most convenient ones for your project easily from If you are interested in keeping a printed copy of this animals that’s completely possible thanks to the printer friendliness of wordmom lists.