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Further, choice involves the future–which can only be guessed at, but can never be known or understood. Finally, as I ponder is my choice of posting this comment an art or a science? I like what restaurants in lauderdale by the sea Lawrence McKinney above suggests; there are some who take in information, lots of it, and recognize trends…some say they are psychic…and can basically call the future if the trends continue. Something futurists such as the late Robert Theobald saw with regard to education more than a decade ago. Choices influenced by reasoning, controllability, measurablity, principles,methods,disciplines etc are scientific choices.

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  • I have seen companies process decisions through all forms of methods and machinations and fail.
  • With the world becoming increasingly competitive, getting ahead with only a great understanding of hard facts and specialized expertise is almost impossible.
  • Let’s take the scenario of choosing a restaurant franchise to buy (McDonalds OR Nando’s OR Burger King OR Bon Apeti?).

Students specialising in any of the Science Stream subjects can opt for higher studies easily. Artists and scientists often need to invent new concepts and technologies to accomplish their goals. Artists often start with the new vision, then work through ‘periods’ in which they explore how best to get the message across.

Getting a college degree is an important decision to make that can change your career path and even your life. So, when researching programs you might want to pursue, it’s better to understand some basics, such as why or how a Bachelor of Arts is different from a Bachelor of Science. Art helps us to think about big issues such as climate change and genetic modification that are rooted in science. Moreover, in the era of “big data” where scientists analyse billions of events thrown up by natural or social phenomena, one of the only ways of understanding it is through visualisation.

Maths Vs Science

It studies how everything functions and how something comes into being. Let us go to an activity that can help you to understand what science is. Give molecules of oxygen and hydrogen and provide all facilities to make these molecules interact according to a set procedure to make water. You will see that every person who attempts to make water must follow the same procedure; otherwise he cannot hope to make water from hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Combining Art And Science

Many prodigious “human calculators,” for example, admit to being obsessed with numbers, thinking about and working with them all day. Similarly, polyglots such as Emil Krebs, a German man who claimed mastery of 68 languages, must study hard to become fluent in non-native tongues. On the other hand, being born with dyslexia or dyscalculia, does not necessarily produce a math or language person. In this way, upbringing and education frequently lead to language or math preferences based on innate strengths and weaknesses.

Difference Between Have And Get

An art-based choice employing creativity, inspiration, insight or intuition is thrilling, gives immense delight when successful and teaches a great lesson in life when it fails.. There is a science behind every decision, we are just not capable or smart enough to understand how every decision matrix works yet. Take, for example, how good companies are becoming at making a very aware person like myself make the decision they want me to make – it’s scary. Watch out for future TV’s to have retinal scanners that will pick up if I’m craving a hamburger and cut instantly to a McDonald’s commercial.

Computational science applies computing power to simulate real-world situations, enabling a better understanding of scientific problems than formal mathematics alone can achieve. However, machines alone rarely advance knowledge as they require human guidance and capacity to reason; and they can introduce bias against certain social groups or sometimes underperform against humans. By the eleventh century, most of Europe had recovered from the Western Roman Empire collapse and become Christian. In 1088, the University of Bologna, the first university in Europe, emerged.


Splitting your screen in two can make the comparison process easier. Adam Hadhazy is a contributing writer for Live Science and He often writes about physics, psychology, animal behavior and story topics in general that explore the blurring line between today’s science fiction and tomorrow’s science fact. Adam has a Master of Arts degree from the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College. When not squeezing in reruns of Star Trek, Adam likes hurling a Frisbee or dining on spicy food. Several brain areas activate when subjects perform calculations, in particular the intraparietal sulcus, located at the top-back area of our heads.